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Marin Movement Center
1050 Northgate Drive, Suite 230
in Terra Linda
Vibrance Chiropractic
633 Fifth Avenue, San Rafael
As of May 1 2011, my office hours have changed:
Monday & Friday
9:00 – 7:00 at MMC
Tuesday & Thursday
9:00 – 7:00 at Vibrance
Other times
by special arrangement.
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Limited number of sliding scale fees available.
Françoise Lajoie Brunette Massage Therapist

My initiation

into holistic self-care occurred in 1966, when I discovered Yoga. In 1975 I became a certified instructor, and taught classes for adults and children for 25 years in northwest Connecticut.

While teaching Yoga it became apparent to me that I wanted to support the art of relax­ation in other ways. I received training and certification in Therapeutic Massage at Kripalu Center for Holistic Health over a period of five years.

When I left New England to live in Boulder 1996, I said good-bye to clients I had worked with for 16 years. In time, I began to search for a way to expand and integrate my skills; I wanted to make a real and lasting difference in the lives of my clients. While receiving my first Rolfing® session, I knew that this was work I wanted to do. I began training in 1990 at the Rolf Institute. I received Advanced Certification in August of 2000.

My recent move to Marin County (summer 2010) has brought me close to my family and introduced me to a vibrant community of health and wellness professionals. My desire is to become a solid member of this community by making valuable contributions to the health and wellbeing of the people of this beautiful county.

I sometimes can't believe how lucky I am in having found my way to this work. I thank all my teachers, and all the wonderful clients who've trusted me and my hands.

In February of this year, I attended a class in Boulder taught by Mary Kathleen Rose, the originator of Comfort Touch®, a most wonderful approach to working with the elderly and the ill. Please visit to learn more about Comfort Touch, and read my journal entry about becoming certified as a practitioner of Comfort Touch®.

Call or email Francoise if you or anyone you know would like to receive Comfort Touch.

For General Clientele

I have over 30 years' experience, and a wide range of skills to utilize, in providing therapeutic, potentially transformative, holistically based bodywork.

You have a unique set of circumstances that I want to know all about, so that our work together is a collaboration in meeting your specific needs.

My work utilizes and sometimes combines the following four distinct approaches:

General Issues:
Chronic muscle tension
Stiff and painful joints
Healthy postural patterns
Reduced range of motion
Scar tissue from sprains, strains, surgeries
Irritated nerve pathways
Sports injuries
Post traumatic stress response
Neck and back pain
Injuries from repetitive motion

For Clinicians

  • Accept referrals
  • Insurance billing
  • Inter-disciplinary communication and support
  • 25 years' experience with a broad skill base
  • Professional and service-oriented
  • Sessions designed to meet specific clinical needs
Clinical Issues:
Carpal tunnel
Chronic and acute back and neck pain
Poor circulation
Post-surgery rehabilitation
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Scar tissue
Thoracic outlet syndrome
TMJ Disorder
Body and self-awareness
Improved flexibility and resilience
Freedom of movement
Acute and chronic pain relief
Faster recovery times
Improved circulation


Rolfing® holds a mirror to the way we live in our bodies, which is often a reflection of what we think, how well we know ourselves, and how we relate to others. The Rolfing® experience gives us greater adaptability and creates continuity and harmony between the various aspects of our structures and of our beings.

"Getting Rolfed" includes:
Ten sessions, each lasting one and a half hours.
An analysis of your movement and postural patterns and an assessment of structural issues.
Hands-on manipulation of your muscles and connective tissues to restore proper length, resilience and function.
Exploration of new approaches to movement and posture.


Through skillful touch and manipulation of tissues and joints, and with awareness and consideration of the whole person, massage expands body awareness and facilitates relaxation and self-healing.

My primary concerns in giving massage are:
To nurture: at times touch must gently soothe and comfort. At others it must penetrate to reach deeper layers of feeling.
To heal: I use a variety of techniques to restore circulation and resilience to injured, tired, strained muscles and connective tissues.
To relax: together we teach your muscles to let go of habitual contraction and your mind to let go of habitual striving.

Yoga Therapy

For the restoration and maintenance of health and balance for the whole body and the whole person, no finer method exists than Yoga. When my clients need a way to support and keep the changes we have created for them particularly through Rolfing®, I instruct them in specific stretches and Yoga postures for this purpose.

When it is clear that regular practice is needed, I create a personalized routine for my client to do at home.

Cranio-sacral Technique

Extremely gentle, quiet, and calming, Cranio-sacral Technique is the perfect approach for high stress levels and trauma, including post-traumatic stress disorder, whiplash, migraine, TMJ disorder. It involves very light and carefully placed handholds around the client's cranium, sacrum or anywhere in between. It works with the body's most subtle rhythm, the cranial wave, which flows like a tide between the sacrum and the cranium and inside the central nervous system.

Rolf® Method of Structural Integration, Advanced
Massage Therapy
Yoga Instructor
Cranio-Sacral Technique
Continuing Education classes
Cranio-sacral Therapy (Upledger, Visionary)
Principles and Techniques of Myofascial and Osseous Release
Biomechanics of the Spine and Pelvis
Perception of Movement
Neurology of the Head, Neck and Arms
Neurology of Posture I & II
Working with Scar Tissue


Françoise's work has a precision and sensitivity that goes way beyond that of an average or good practitioner. It would be hard to find other workers that I would call her equal. Mark Graycar, D.C.

After injuring my pelvis, low back, and hip in a car accident 2 years ago, my active lifestyle came to a halt. Thanks to Françoise's in-depth knowledge and expertise, gifted touch, tableside manner and genuine commitment to my healing, I am able to sit without discomfort, sleep through the night and exercise even more than before the accident. Massage therapy and rehabilitation with Françoise are an effective, nurturing experience that I would recommend to anyone. Nancy G., 42, psychotherapist

Rolfing has improved my posture, my lower back pain, and range of motion. I was able to see and feel the difference after each session. Françoise helped me make the connection between mind and body and taught me a lot about physiology and body mechanics. Art H., 49, environmental manager

My cerebral palsy makes my muscles tight all the time. Between that and my scoliosis, my back bothers me a lot. Françoise's massage and cranio-sacral work helped my back feel better. My family noticed that my posture was much better for days after her help. Justin A., 31, Denver

Massage can do a lot of things. For years, I thought of it as an occasional treat. It certainly is a treat, but I never realized the therapeutic potential of massage until I began working with Francoise this year when I was felled by Fibromyalgia after a prolonged period of stress. Francoise researched the illness and devised a therapeutic regimen for me that I believe has been instrumental in the dramatic reduction in my symptoms. Now I understand a lot better what I'd been told for years: in the hands of a really great touch therapist, massage surely is relaxing and re-vitalizing, but it can also play a critical role a restorative health regimen. Francoise is such a practitioner. Bless her! K.C., Mill Valley CA

If you are looking for a powerful ally to help manage your relationship with gravity, look no further! I'm a Pilates practitioner, a regular cardio and weight exerciser and a daily gardener, including pruning, planting, transplanting, soil amendments and clean-up. This follows years of military service, martial arts, skiing, cycling, backpacking and the usual sprains, tears and breaks. Françoise uses her deep knowledge of body mechanics and elegant, integrated technique to help me stay fit, flexible and pain free. Ditto for the family! Pete Abrahams, 72. Mill Valley CA